design & development

We build customised solutions for every need: from static websites to large dynamic portals, from e-commerce to web application sites. Quality and professionalism have always been the basic ingredients of our work.

To ensure this level of work we have dedicated, in-house, front-end and back-end development teams.

Our front-end developers ensure design concepts fare brought to life building the underlying code and supporting frameworks ensuring we employ the most appropriate design tools and technologies. Sites are of course built search engine friendly ready for our SEO teams to work their magic.

If the website is to employ CMS, e-commerce, application level functionality or needs api connectivity to a third party platform our back end development team will get involved. The team has much experience in working with off the shelp solutions such as wordpress, magento or open cart but often project requirements are such that a bespoke solution is required and this is where our development team comes into its own.

Being all our design and development teams are in house there is a cohesiveness to every website we build that just does not exist with digital agencies or other web design companies who outsource all or pieces of their work.

Regardless if your web project is a simple online profile or an e-commerce platform or a dedicated web application that ties into a CMS speak to Jump – we can help!