digital marketing

It’s not going away, Social media is ingrained into today’s society and it will only continue to grab a stronger hold. Therefore if you wish to maintain your competitive edge you need to interact.

Social media marketing requires a structured approach and a degree of honesty as to the resources you can devote to the task.

Jump can help you build out a social media marketing plan in order to interact effectively with the various channels and grasp the opportunities that present them self. The process will guide you through 6 key tasks:

Establish objectives and Goals

  • Realistic targets that are measurable but also

Social Media Audit

  • Which social channels are you currently exposed to?
  • Who from your company is representing the firm on social media?
  • What are their roles?
  • What controls are in place?
  • Identify possible new channels for promotion & sources of content

Create or improve Social Accounts

  • Exercise the findings of your social media audit

Create content plan & editorial calendar

  • Apply your slant to the rule of thirds
    • 1/3 of content to directly promote your business
    • 1/3 of content sharing from 3rd psrty sources
    • 1/3 of content focused on personal interaction & building your brand
  • Structure the timing of content delivery but add spontaneity to engagement

Create engaging Content

  • Your own branded content
  • Target and share other business’s content
  • Know key influencers in your industry and share their insights
  • Distribute key relevant news and may prelogue with your opinion
  • Engage Jump’s content team

Track, Evaluate & Refine your Social media marketing plan

  • Data crunching and analysis
  • Re-evaluate approach & content

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