Don't Throw Me

website, web application, branding, web hosting

Don't Throw Me (DTM) founders, Barbara Engo-Aranha, Andrea Springmann and Erin Kim came to Jump with a fabulous idea! To build a platform that would enable Hong Kong people to not only buy and sell second hand goods but also swap and, more importantly, donate to local charities.


The goal of this platform is to enable each person using the DTM platform to take action and help their environment and communities. When usable items are thrown away, they contribute to the ever-growing amount of waste in our landfills everyday so by rethinking their ‘end of life’ and recycling, repurposing, or giving them away, we can play our part in ensuring a better future for all.


The Jump design team worked closely with DTM and also the talented copywriting team at Giles Agency to first design and build an information website to tell interested viewers about the platform. Using the new colour palette and typography from the website, we were able to apply this across other elements of the DTM brand identity to create a co-hesive "look and feel".


Jump is now working on the design and build of the platform itself which will be ecommerce enabled and integrated with STRIPE connect. DTM members will be able to post products on the platform to buy or swap using DTM credits. The seller is able to specify when they post a product for swap to have a percentage of the swap price go to a charity of their choice. We look forward to announcing the launch of the new platform soon!



Don’t Throw Me help make shopping second-hand your first choice! Passing once-loved items on and giving them a second chance at life.