Artificial Intelligence Quartermaster


Lead by the AIQ creative designer based in Paris and the management team in Begium, Jump built the front and back-end of this highly engaging website.


The brief was complex, requiring very specific UI animations including a music player which integrates with the landing page visuals and has a toggle enabling the viewer to manage the music throughout the website. The client can edit image and text content throughout the website as well as the tracks for the music player using the content management system. "The devil is in the detail" of this website and the Jump developers lived and breathed this project working closely with the AIQ team to achieve the specific requests from both design and functionality perspectives. The final website is a testament to everyone’s hard-work. 



The landing page animation is integrated with a music player that has a toggle enabling the user to manage the music throughout the website.
Thank you for the work on our website, it’s all running smoothly … people seem to like the design and functionalities. I know that this was a big effort for your team, so please pass on our gratitude and sincere applause!

AIQ is a global AI Investment House. With smart capital deployment capabilities, access to superior AI talent, and intellectual property, they operate successful venture investment vehicles, seed world-class projects, and infuse businesses with leading technologies.