Do you have a digital marketing strategy?

A recent study showed that 34% of business’, across a wide range of sectors, still have no plans to integrate a digital marketing plan into their business. However what is standout is that a third of business are working on implementing a strategy whilst the other third already have working digital marketing strategies in play. In short if you are not looking at digital as a channel to market your business you are in the minority!

A digital marketing strategy will increase traffic to your site and subsequently customer acquisition. Additionally the ROI (return on investment) of your digital campaign can be attributed to both improved brand awareness and increasing revenues. If you operate a business in today’s competitive market you cannot afford not to be seen in the digital world.

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Jump believes in a connected approach across a wide range of digital marketing disciplines.


We can help you analyse and research your digital presence so the “opportunity” can be clearly defined from the outset. We’ll create a marketing plan so you can understand where your business needs to be heading to provide a rich user experience and develop a successful programme.

Technical know-how

We ingrain our technical know-how, content creation and social media experience into all client strategies to maximise campaign effectiveness. We know that creating meaningful conversations with your customers is essential to digital success.

The goal

To help audiences find your brand or product, helping you reach your goals, whether that is driving interactions, conversions or revenue targets.