Asian Pears Herbal Soup with Dried Figs

Asian Pears Herbal Soup with Dried Figs

By Ivy Lo, Accountant @ Jump


Autumn is the favourite season for many of us. It is neither too cold nor too hot, the days are usually pleasantly clear and sunny, and humidity is low. It is the most wonderful season for all people to enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, barbecuing, photography, etc.


Today, I am not recommending any activities. Chinese soup is our topic today.


As the humidity is low during Autumn, it is really dry and our body needs moisturising and supplements. Chinese soup is one of the best choices to heal all these symptoms. Here is one of my favourite soups in Autumn: Asian Pears Herbal Soup with Dried Figs.


The purpose of this soup is to nourish and moisten the lungs and skin from the inside out. If you have a dry cough or throat, this soup is especially suitable for you. This is because this soup uses several Chinese herbs that work synergistically to moisturise. For thousands of years, creating harmonious balanced energy in the inner body maintains good health.


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