digital marketing

An EDM (email direct marketing) campaign presents a unique opportunity to create awareness of your brand and proposition. Here at Jump, we not only create stunning email designs to generate the maximum impact, but we use the best software to ensure you benefit from effective email marketing campaigns that yield a significant return on investment.

Our easy-to-use email broadcast system can manage lists of any size and our state-of-the-art software allows html or plain text emails to be sent at the click of a button. These broadcasts can be managed by us or self-managed by the Client.

All e-broadcasts include:

  • Statistical tracking
  • Personalised mailing capabilities
  • Bounced email management
  • Scheduled sending
  • Time-sensitive auto responders — and many other robust features

Our design team can design your e-newsletter or create a custom template that you can update as required. Email marketing is not just about e-newsletters’; it can also be used for online surveys, product announcements, press releases, voucher or sale promotions and more.

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