digital marketing

Analytics, the collection, measurement, analysis and reporting of data is crucial to understand and optimize.

In the world of web analytics Google Analytics is probably the obvious and well known. However, measuring the effectiveness of a Digital Marketing Strategy, identifying the effect and performance across the myriad of channels is significantly more challenging and certainly not the same thing as web analytics.

Borrowing an old but good definition from Hubspot on the subject matter....

"Web analytics measure things a webmaster cares about, like page load times, page views per visit, and time on site. Marketing analytics, on the other hand, measure business metrics like traffic, leads, and sales, and which events (both on and off your website) influence whether leads become customers. Marketing analytics includes data not only from your website, but also from other sources like email, social media, and even offline events. Marketing analytics are also usually people-centric, featuring the prospect, lead, or customer as the unit of focus, whereas web analytics usually regard the page view as the unit of focus in its reports."

Typically to create and implement an effective analytics program you need to think data first:

  • Define your metrics and develop a plan
  • Data Collection
  • Develop reporting features and capabilities
  • Ongoing analysis and implementation

With this as a basis you can make data-driven business decisions evaluating:

  • Who is coming to your site, and what are they doing when they get there;
  • Which channels are driving buying customers;
  • Who is converting;
  • What conversions are deepening relationships;
  • What conversions are driving revenue;
  • Who is buying multiple times;
  • What’s your lifetime customer value;
  • What are your churn rates

Jump will take your business model and develop a set of metrics that maps to your bespoke needs. We will then deliver the data against these metrics in a user friendly format so you can then make the relevant business decisions.

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